Early thirties, married, lady-gamer, loves cats and owls, sushi, playing the piano, classical music, pillows, eating ramen (Japanese noodle soup), photography, art, astronomy, science, LEGO, organising items.

I was diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 30.

I am attempting this whole blog thing from scratch. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I like to type things, so we’ll see how this goes.



  1. Well, you’ve made a great start. I really enjoyed the article on “boring things”. A good photo makes you realise just how much inherent beauty bypasses us every day, regardless of subject matter. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff. And as an aside – you should stick a “follow me” button on your site. I’d happily be your first follower.

  2. I really do like your blog writing. You are extremely precise and articulate in explaining your feelings and experiences. You do this with such grace and transparency. I love your genuineness. As you point out, this doesn’t seem to be the way of the world…but it’s certainly a quality I wish to cultivate. Thank you for leading the way.

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